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NEST, short for Network of Emotional Support Teams, is a California-based clinical practice that offers private therapy, harm reduction trainings, workplace consulting, and direct care for workers on the frontlines of secondary trauma. NEST provides a proprietary compassionate care training model to providers, operators and the public. We are dedicated to building, teaching and implementing sustainable harm reduction principles and practices across communities and industries worldwide.


We believe people should be empowered with the tools to stay informed and emotionally connected before, during and after a traumatic experience. We also believe organizations should have the tools to create supportive and sustainable environments that allow for integration and the growth of each individual.


We strive to support, train, educate and empower individuals struggling with mental and emotional health and organizations responsible for the wellness of their workers and clients in order to create trauma-informed communities.


Our trauma-informed therapeutic model serves individuals, groups and organizations to be more resilient, self-aware, compassionate and emotionally intelligent.

Working with NEST means:

  • Holistic Wellness – spiritually-minded, science-based psychotherapy and programs that support physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing

  • Comprehensive Training – tailored wellness-based and trauma-informed trainings for leaders, teams, and professional harm reductionists

  • Professional Support – networks, peer support, and process groups for teams experiencing challenges, and for care providers on the front lines of secondary trauma

  • Infrastructure – organizational and administrative framework for successful, safe, and compliant programs and events

  • Conscious Connection – an open-minded framework where all feelings and feedback are valid

  • Longevity for All – our care model addresses burnout, emotional fatigue and liability, from the individual to the organization


NEST is a no-judgment zone. From our NEST locations on-site at events to our process groups, all feelings, feedback and experiences are welcome and valid.

We strongly believe education is a pathway to empowerment and resiliency. Our trainings and our care models support individuals in making the best personal and community-based decisions.

We cannot do what we do successfully without taking on full partnership with our clients and communities. We become a key stakeholder for your best interests.

A healthy organization, educated staff, and well-trained compassionate care providers are the pillars of personal and professional sustainability.

NEST is built upon the principle of collaboration over competition. We believe that there is room enough for everyone and that each player in the harm reduction industry has a significant and beneficial role to play.

Harm Reduction for Everyone

We believe harm reduction can inform the way we do business, the way we treat our patients and patrons, and the way we take care of our own emotional health in order to elevate all aspects of safety and wellness.


Erica Siegal, LCSW
NEST CEO & Founder

Erica Siegal is a professional harm reductionist, community organizer and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy researcher. 

Erica founded NEST Harm Reduction Consulting to provide compassionate, trauma-informed care, trainings and on-site services to events, communities and professionals in the field. She combines a decade of direct services work with a B.A in Hospitality Administration from Cornell University and a Master in Social Work from The University of Southern California, to create a unique, consumer-focused, multi-system care model that brings compassion and sustainability back into our communities, both large and small. 

In addition to her community outreach and event services experience, she also works as a psychotherapist researcher on the Phase 3 FDA-approved MDMA-assisted psychotherapy clinical trials in Los Angeles, California.

NEST provides a full spectrum of harm reduction services, including:

  • Team Facilitation & Training

  • Clinical Psychotherapy Practice

  • Administrative & Operational Consulting


Event Entertainment Companies

We provide safety, wellness and harm reduction services to festival producers, venue operators, and events of any scale. This includes operational planning, staffing, training, post-event integration, and direct on-site services.

Private Companies & Executive Teams

NEST empowers corporate leaders and their teams with trauma-informed trainings, dedicated process groups, and a broad spectrum of harm reduction consulting services, beginning with an organizational assessment.  We believe better workspaces create better, human-oriented outcomes that serve the bottom line.

Compassionate Care Providers

We provide harm reduction training, group support and other resources to those who serve on the frontlines of primary and secondary trauma, including emergency responders, integrative psychotherapists, and other harm reductionists.

Community & Government Organizations

The NEST harm reduction approach is successfully applied to local and community initiatives that address safety, wellness and emergency protocol services. We provide tailored programming to agencies, events and orgs.

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