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NEST is constantly delivering trainings, seminars, workshops and participating in podcasts and other partnerships. We’re dedicated to making as much of that material available to you as possible. Below, enjoy a wellspring of harm reduction concepts taught in context, industry best practices and on-demand content from our founder and partners we support. 

NEST Is Now a California Narcan Distributor!

We’re proud to announce that NEST is now an official Narcan distributor for the state of California! We can ship Narcan to you for no charge except shipping cost (and also can waive the shipping fee if it would restrict your access). Narcan saves lives, and having some on hand could be the difference between life and death for someone you know! Keep yourself and your friends safe—fill out a short form and watch the demo video to get your free Narcan!


NEW! Riding the Wave: Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction

We are thrilled to announce an impactful and beautiful new course that NEST founder Erica Siegal has co-created with Psychedelic.Support and Project New Day. We are offering this content for FREE to the psychedelic community. In this incredibly comprehensive, multimedia program you’ll:

  • Increase your knowledge on the effects and risk factors for each substance
  • Learn practices to reduce harm to self and community while maximizing safety
  • Consider key factors when choosing to take a psychedelic at a festival, retreat, ceremony or clinic
  • Gain important insight into integration and post-experience support
  • Hear from professionals and clinicians working in the field

Now more than ever, it’s critical that we all get on the same page about safety, legality, the potential benefits and very real risks when considering engaging in psychedelic use.  Increasingly, psychedelic pharmaceutical companies are emerging and offering a wide variety of treatments, attracting a lot of people who are looking for a “quick fix” or a “miracle cure” to their depression, anxiety and PTSD.


On-Demand Lectures, Seminars & Trainings

Psychedelic Harm Reduction – Past Present & Future

Lecture from NEST Founder Erica Siegal, hosted by Altered States Integration, covering the history and application of psychedelic harm reduction and its principles, including legal and ethical issues that arise when working with altered states.

Available on-demand for $19.99.


Working with Altered Spaces: Psychedelic Harm Reduction 201

Taught by NEST Founder Erica Siegal, hosted by Altered States Integration. Learn about trauma-informed space holding in this deep dive. This course provides a toolbox for psychedelic harm reduction models, empathetic crisis space-holding, common psychedelic crisis archetypes, and ethically giving support.

Available on-demand for $49.99.
90 Minutes


Ethical Compassionate Care and Working with Altered States

Hosted by Tam Integration // Join us for a unique opportunity to learn about NEST’s compassionate care model and take a deep dive into working with altered states and psychedelic crisis. We will cover harm reduction principles, how to hold empathetic space during crisis and ethical considerations when working with psychedelics. This unique and engaging workshop includes engaging interactive activities, explorations of archetypes commonly seen in psychedelic spaces and provides ample time for integration and Q&A.

Available on-demand for $100


Podcasts & Talks

Healing Inner & Outer Worlds

NEST Founder Erica Siegal appears on the second episode of the Mapping Minds podcast. “It’s a rare person who makes their life about caring for others. Erica Siegal is one of those people. She is a therapist in the Phase III clinical trials for MDMA, a powerful medicine for individuals suffering from treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder. She is also the founder of NEST Harm Reduction, an organization that provides harm reduction services and training.”


An Inside Look at Clinical Trials for MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

MayaHealth Podcast // On the show we talk about Erica’s background in social work and how someone interested in psychedelic therapy can get started in the field. We discuss the MAPS protocol for MDMA-assisted therapy including the cost for treatment. We discuss psychedelic integration and whether coaching is a viable path to becoming a psychedelic-assisted therapist.





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