Committed to Compassion & Sustainability

NEST provides strategic consulting services for businesses, organizations and events at any scale, and a proprietary compassionate care training model to providers, operators and the public. We are dedicated to building, teaching and implementing sustainable harm reduction principles across industries worldwide. Our services provide trauma-informed structure and support at every level of care: the individual, the care provider, the worker, the organization, and the community.

Every time a workspace is created or a worker comes in contact with a customer, there’s an opportunity to improve awareness, preparedness, health and safety infrastructure, real-time crisis response skills, and post-incident integration so that all participants know how to compassionately and sustainably care for themselves and others.

Increase Wellness, Reduce Liability

NEST services and trainings provide a pathway toward building sustainable systems that increase wellness, productivity and personal responsibility while reducing professional burnout and liability.

As a harm reduction provider, NEST offers services and trainings that address the most common and the most serious issues that impact organizations and teams:

  • Assault, Harassment, Sexual Assault

  • Crisis & Emergency Scenarios

  • Interpersonal Conflict

  • Altered States & Substance Use

  • Staff Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

  • Communicating Consent & Boundaries

Our education programs & trainings are highly effective at mitigating traumatic outcomes, minimizing risk for all parties, and increasing overall satisfaction. They cover areas like:

  • Preparedness Training to Minimize Traumatic Outcomes

  • Crisis Response Protocols & Preparedness

  • Harassment & Informed Consent Training

  • Staff Wellness Education & Programs

  • Compassionate Leadership Training

  • Unbiased Science-Based Psychoeducation around Illicit Substances

  • Mediation & Peer-to-Peer Support


“Being able to provide support and services to not only attendees but also fellow staff makes the work that much more meaningful and effective. NEST is expanding the accessibility to harm reduction.”

KENNETH M., Event Staffer

“Working with Erica and her team at N.E.S.T. provides the safety and support our production team needs to get through the challenging, stressful moments to ensure a successful event.”

HEIDI PATIENCE, HR Manager, Envision Festival

“Working under an integrative wellness care model with such a diverse team of caregivers has been a refreshing, insightful experience.”

KATRINA O. RN, Care Provider

“I’ve had the privilege to work with the compassionate care providers at NEST and am constantly blown away by the level of dedication and attention they bring to the work of harm reduction. Rock on, team!”

TIMOTHY O., NEST Volunteer

“I’m so grateful for this experience. I’ve known harm reduction is my passion for a long time, and NEST created space for me to explore my potential in this field and support my community in a way that felt so RIGHT. My values are super aligned with NEST’s values, and I could see that our team was leading with our values to pull all of this off!”

SASHA F., Harm Reduction Worker

“I enthusiastically recommend this training! Erica’s presentation was clear and accessible, and she left me with tools to implement right away. Both the conceptual framework and practical guidance would be beneficial to anyone who is looking to compassionately hold space for people going through traumatic experiences – not just those working in the world of psychedelic harm reduction. I really appreciated the approach to self-care, especially the checklists and schematics for self-reflection and assessing one’s readiness to compassionately hold space for others.”

ERIKA ROSENBERG Ph.D., Founding Faculty, Compassion Institute

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