Driven to Educate & Empower

NEST offers trauma-informed leadership trainings, educational harm reduction trainings, skills-based emergency protocol trainings, as well as peer support groups for workers experiencing vicarious trauma, compassionate care providers and harm reductionists in the field.

Through tailored programs and public events, we show leaders how to be more compassionate, safe and inclusive, and to create spaces that reflect those values. Learn practical tools for deescalation, communication, altered states mediation, and how to respond in a crisis.


Leadership Trainings

NEST’s Harm Reduction Training works to create a more trauma-informed compassionate community for your professional teams and customers. We provide education around harm reduction techniques, substance use, crisis response and the importance of integration.


Professional Process Groups

Getting support can be hard and scary, especially if you work in an industry that has a high-risk of compassion fatigue and burnout!  We provide small, confidential, professionally-facilitated emotional support groups that are available in person, in Los Angeles or online. These are open to events workers, mental health professionals and first responders.

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