We believe compassionate, trauma-informed care should be integrated into all levels of society: the individual, the community and the organization. Through our practice we provide individual and group psychotherapy, harm reduction trainings for organizations, and event and workplace consulting.

NEST services are rooted in harm reduction and sustainability principles, and we specialize in trauma, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and spiritually-minded psychedelic and substance use integration & support.


Broadly speaking, harm reduction is any action or process that specifically creates more physical, emotional or psychological safety while accounting for and addressing the needs of the overall organization or community. 

Harm reduction principles also encourage people to be better informed of the risks of their behavior and the impact that behavior has on others, especially in relation to substance use. 

Some common forms of community-based harm reduction include:

  • Speed limits and speed bumps
  • Seat belt regulations
  • Wearing ear plugs at a loud concert
  • Unbiased, science-based information around the potential risks of drug use

Harm reduction also includes psychological and environmental efforts. In these cases, the steps we take to ensure safety include creating emotionally safe, open environments where communication and trust can occur – whether that’s in a workplace, a process group, or a public event.

While organizations like The Harm Reduction Coalition narrowly define harm reduction as a set of strategies aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use, NEST and many public service organizations also apply the principles more broadly.

We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reduce any kind of harm that can occur during times of extreme stress where there is heightened risk of traumatization. We strive to create trauma-informed leaders, workplaces and communities at large.

The harm reduction movement is based in compassion, dignity and self-determination. These values must be instilled in all human services, large and small. We believe that reducing harm for everyone increases the overall wellness of our communities and selves.”

– Erica Siegal LCSW, NEST Founder

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